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Here lies my fanfiction, and sometimes my fiction based on original RPG characters. In general, fanfiction is public and RP fiction is friends locked or filtered.

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builtthisway [userpic]
cane fu

Toph, Aang, and Sokka, epic modern day Avatar AU
(prompt: i saw some 'cane fu' on the news the other day, and toph was all, I'M IN; also, "taisetsuna mono wa PROTECT MY BALLS")

Oh, Toph. Why so ... you. lol.

cane fu )

builtthisway [userpic]

Toph/Sokka, from Sunny's epic modern day Avatar AU
(prompt: sunny telling me to write for the avatar AU, lol)

Yeah, I dunno. XD

voices )

builtthisway [userpic]
better in time

Simon/Kaylee, probably in the PSL timeline, though it's nonspecific.
(prompt: leona lewis - better in time)

better in time )

builtthisway [userpic]
winter storm

280 words

you're still breathing )

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227 words

the pond with purple-pink lotus blossoms )

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a good life

Title: A Good Life
Characters: Doctor (10), Donna
Prompt: N/A
Rating: kid-friendly, Donna-approved
Summary: Being lied to once is bad enough. Having it happen again is almost too much to bear. He's seen what it did to her once; seeing it again is no better.
Notes: Set after "Forest of the Dead" and before "Midnight".

when the mind believed in something, it held fast to it, no matter how great the falsehood )

builtthisway [userpic]
holiday fics '07-'08

Fandom: [info]heroism/Choices canon
Title: Escape Artist
Characters: Robin and Melanie Schuyler
Prompt: Melanie/Robin, younger!fic
Word Count: 563
Rating: G
Summary: Robin has an adventure in mind, but Melanie is hesitant to go.

escape artist )

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holiday fics '07-'08

Fandom: The Baby-sitters Club, stoneybrook_u canon
Title: Keeping Faith
Characters: Jackie Rodowsky and Megan Farmer
Prompt: Jackie/Megan post-game-to-pre-epilogue
Word Count: 668
Rating: G
Summary: Senior-year thoughts of the future test even the most hopeful, and it's not something Jackie thinks he can do on his own.

keeping faith )

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holiday fics '07-'08

Fandom: HPverse, [info]in_omniaparatus canon ;P
Title: Slytherin Green
Characters: Angus Nott and Marina Jugson
Prompt: Angus and Marina --- when they were younger.
Word Count: 620
Rating: PG
Summary: Marina assesses her chances versus an unexpected opponent in an unfamiliar arena and for an unprecedented prize.

slytherin green )

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#13 at 15minutefic

For [info]15minutefic

Fandom: Jean Anouilh's Antigone
Title: Beautiful
Characters: Antigone
Prompt: prompt )
Word Count: 341
Rating: PG
Summary: Antigone re-covers Polynices' body in broad daylight and reflects on what will surely come.

beautiful )

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